Learning to Think of Learning to Teach as Situated: A self-study

May 2007

Source: Studying Teacher Education, Volume 3, Issue 1  May 2007 , pages 23 - 34

Teacher educators are expected to help their student teachers learn how to teach. How teacher educators do this depends on their beliefs, particularly on how they think about teacher learning.

Earlier in the author's work as a teacher educator, the author thought of teacher learning as a psychological process or phenomenon and this view guided the author's work with his student teachers.
Subsequently, the author has been drawn to pragmatist and sociocultural views that portray human thinking and acting as intimately linked to the physical, social and cultural environment.

Adopting such views helped the author to see teacher learning in a new light, less as a mental issue and more as a social and cultural issue. Here the author reconstructs his transformation of coming to see learning to teach as situated.

Updated: Jan. 26, 2008