Ethical issues in multicultural student-faculty mentoring relationships in higher education

Feb. 15, 2008

Source: Mentoring and Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, Volume 16, Issue 1 February 2008, pages 63 – 75

In this article, we explore the ethical issues pertaining to student-faculty mentoring relationships in graduate training programs, with a specific focus on understanding these concerns within a multicultural context. Multiculturalism, although broadly defined, is limited herein to race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, age, religion, and ability status.

Specific ethical codes are cited in which quandaries may arise vis-à-vis cultural factors in student-faculty mentorships, and examples are provided related to the aforementioned aspects of multiculturalism. We close with some recommendations regarding the intersection of culture and mentoring relationships. We encourage those involved in student-faculty mentorships to explore both these and other ethical

Updated: Feb. 12, 2008