Developing Pre-service Primary Teachers’ Perceptions of Cross-Curricular Teaching through Reflection on Learning

Aug. 01, 2012

Source: Teachers and Teaching: theory and practice, Volume 18, Issue 6, 2012, Pages 693-716

This study is focused on post graduate student teachers’ perceptions of cross-curricular approaches to the planning, organisation and representation of the primary curriculum.
It tracks their emerging understanding of the nature of cross-curricular education prior to and following their own cross-curricular learning experience in art and science.

Data were collected through questionnaires and reflective group discussion to identify student teachers’ emerging insights into the rationale underpinning such approaches to teaching and learning.

The findings reveal a paradox between their initial positive perceptions and their direct experiences of such practice. The conclusions identify some implications for enhancing critical engagement and the development of teacher subject and pedagogic knowledge in initial teacher education.

Updated: Sep. 06, 2017