The Efficacy of Embedding Special Education Instruction in Teacher Preparation Programs in the United States

Nov. 16, 2008

Source: Teaching and Teacher Education, Volume 24, Issue 8, November 2008, P. 2087-2094

This study examined the effects of embedding special education instruction into preservice general education assessment courses. Participants were 208 teacher candidates in the United States enrolled in a required evaluation and measurement course. A self-report survey was developed assessing knowledge of and attitudes toward teaching students with learning disabilities.

Results indicated that embedded instruction significantly increased teacher candidate's knowledge of inclusion terminology and assessment adaptations (p<.01), and improved confidence levels in meeting the needs of students with learning disabilities improved by 60% over the control group. These results suggest the need to provide faculty in the content area adequate professional development opportunities to ensure that current special education best practices are embedded across the curriculum of teacher candidates.

Updated: Jan. 21, 2009