Investigating Teacher Candidates’ Mentoring of Students at Risk of Academic Failure: A Canadian Experiential Field Model

Nov. 15, 2010

Source: Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, Volume 18, Issue 4, 2010, p. 383-403.

In this study, the authors investigate a Canadian field experience model in a bachelor of education program.
The model focuses on mentor‐based relationships between teacher candidates and students at risk of dropping out of high school.

They examine teacher candidates’ and at‐risk students’ attitudinal approaches.

Data were collected through triangulation of Ministry of Education documents, a literature review, program coordinators’ informal reflections and field notes, and interviews.

The participants were two teacher candidates, three at‐risk students, and three Student Success teachers.

The mentoring improved human relations and attendance more than grades for the at‐risk students.
Results indicate that at‐risk students feel individually empowered through the mentor‐based model and teacher candidates demonstrate insights into their mentoring relationships.

Updated: Jul. 05, 2011