Studying Teacher Preparation: The Questions that Drive Research

Sep. 01, 2015

Source: European Educational Research Journal, Volume 14, Issue 5, September 2015

The present paper argues that research on teacher preparation over the last 100 years can be understood in terms of the major questions that researchers examined.
The analysis is guided by the framework of “research as historically situated social practice.” This framework emphasizes that researchers’ interests, commitments, and social experiences guide the research questions they pursue and the theories and perspectives they adopt. Past research on initial teacher education is described in terms of the emergence of three broad questions: “the curriculum question,” “the effectiveness question,” and “the knowledge question.”

This research focuses on two broad animating questions: “the policy question” and “the learning question.”
The authors recommend that future research address questions that link teacher learning with student learning and teacher candidates’ beliefs and practices as well as questions that examine the relationships between research practices and social, economic and institutional power.

Updated: May. 03, 2017