Highly Quantified Teachers: NCLB and Teacher Education


Source:  Journal of Teacher Education, Vol. 58, No. 2, 124-137 (2007)

In this article the author looks at the impact NCLB is having on teacher education programs, focusing on three major areas: who is entering teacher preparation programs; the experience they have while they are in those programs; and the experience they have while in the schools as student teachers.

The increased focus on testing to determine who can teach (despite a lack of research supporting this policy) is both pushing out and alienating potential teachers whose strengths and interests don't show up on tests, and/or who don't believe that this is the best way to serve the public school students.

This emphasis treats teachers like they are incapable of making good decisions based on their knowledge of curricula, kids, and human development. NCLB pressures teacher education programs to violate what they know and believe about teaching and learning, and to perpetuate an unethical system of privilege and inequality.

Updated: Jan. 02, 2008